It was a cold December day, just 11 days before Christmas, infact, that Velda came in for a pregnancy test. She already had 3 children and her boyfriend, the father of her children wanted her to chose between him and the baby. If she wanted him to stay, she would have to have an abortion! Velda was very upset that day when she learned her test was positive.

After much discussion and information on the emotional and physical risks of having an abortion she decided to chose her baby! Just 4 months later, about the middle of April, Velda came back to see us. Her boyfriend and the father of her children had been killed in a car accident. We cried with her that day and prayed with her. On August 5, Velda gave birth to beautiful baby girl! We continue to help Velda with clothes and diapers and give her lots of hugs and support!

Next time you think of her would you say a prayer for her?

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