Running and hopping all around the waiting room and down the halls of the Center he goes….. a little boy, with a small frame, dark brown hair, and brown eyes that are full of life.  Each week, when Adrien’s mom comes in for her parenting lesson he’s the same! Busy, busy, busy!!  He is quite the handful for his short, small framed mother to handle.
smiling boyThe first time we ever met Adrien and his mom, he was still in her womb and not yet born.  Her mother, Adrien’s grandmother, had said that she (Adrien’s mom) would have to move out of her house if she wasn’t going to get an abortion. Well, Adrien’s mom chose to let him live which then made her homeless!!! Thankfully, she found a place to live,  they go to a church near by, and are trying their best to make the most of their situation.  What a joy it is to get to watch this budding toddler “bouncing of the walls” of the center each week and as we spend time helping his mother.

We would all be the one’s to miss out each week if Adrien weren’t here because his mother had made a different choice. Little Adrien is alive and well and “bouncing off the walls” because you make it possible for us to be here through your generous donations!

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