The look in her eyes said everything…she was nervous and afraid! Her shiny brown hair and creamy skin made her strikingly beautiful. Attending classes as a high school senior kept her busy and she had forgotten to take her birth control pills. She said she did not believe in abortion but there was no way she could have a baby right now.

“How do I go about getting an abortion?” She asked when her test came back positive.

We told her of the different abortion procedures, possible risks and complications, both physically and emotionally. We shared with her (through a video) the 3 different options she had: abortion, adoption or parenting. She sat quietly and watched the video. When the video was over, she said she couldn’t go through with having an abortion. 7 months later a beautiful baby boy was born! Now she comes to our office for parenting lessons every week. She and her boyfriend have gotten married. She regularly attends one of the local Baptist churches and she says, “I can’t believe having an abortion ever crossed my mind! But it was my first time to have a baby and I was scared. He is such a blessing!”

What a joy it is to see this wonderful little boy growing each week when he comes to class with his mother!

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