baby smiling

The sun was beating down on the rough, bumpy asphalt in the parking lot of 1200 Schofield Lane. Not a cloud in the sky, it was August and she needed a pregnancy test.

The bell on the glass front door of the pregnancy center announced her arrival. She told the counselor she met with that day that she felt overwhelmed because she was already raising 2 children and that abortion was the answer in this difficult time. With a heavy Spanish accent and through broken English, she cried as she expressed her confusion. A friend had told her that her pregnancy was just a mass of tissue. Educational materials were presented to her in Spanish and an ultrasound was performed. Uno, dos, tres, quatro, cinco! All five fingers could be seen! Her bambino was busy and visibly moving as he was 12 weeks old! She realized that this was not a mass of tissue but a living child! Another precious life saved thanks to your generosity.

Your donations equip us with educational materials and the ability to offer ultrasound…WOW!

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