Message SticksJulie came in to see us here at Animas Pregnancy Center for the first time 3 years ago this January. 20 and single, she had been dating her boyfriend for about a year. Even though she didn’t like abortion, she said she wasn’t ready for a child and thought she might have an abortion if her test was positive.

We discussed with Julie the realities and the consequences of abortion. Thankfully, her test was negative. We didn’t see Julie again until the following December. Once again it was the same situation – single, having sex with her boyfriend (another one) and not ready for a baby. Once again, she said she would have an abortion if she was pregnant. Her test was negative! Then, almost a year had passed and here came Julie a third time, only this time, her test was positive! She chose to give her baby life and then…she and the father of the baby got married! Her baby is now five months old, beautiful and healthy!

You just never know, when girls come in time after time and you keep saying the same thing each time they come in, when the message is going to stick with them and they decide to make a change in their lives! Well, for Julie, the message stuck and we are so proud of her! You just never know when God is going to take the message and cause it to stick in a mother’s heart! But when the message sticks, babies and their parents are saved!

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