Thank You Pebble

There are times when we need a break, a respite, a haven from all that is going on around us.

Those who come in our door are often in the midst of an emotional hurricane of sorts, and for them, Animas Pregnancy Center provides shelter from the storm.

We like that reputation, because it means we are being sought out by those who need us the most. As a result, many who come in our door see us as a place to stop, catch a breath, and make a wise decision before taking the next step.

You are making this possible. Your gift not only keeps our doors open, it provides that haven of hope for the girls who enter.

As a result, the decisions made inside our walls are often life-changing and yes, life-saving.

Thank you. Every day, you are making a difference—calming the storms of life for those who seek us out.

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