Nathan insisted that his girlfriend, Pamela make an appointment with Grace Place for an ultrasound after finding out that she was pregnant. Pamela said that her neurologist told her to abort. Pamela explained that she has seizures and because of that her pregnancy was considered high risk. Her grandmother also told her to abort. When the Grace Place team asked Pamela why? She was not sure but said they felt it was not safe for her to be pregnant because of her “condition.”pregnant couple


Nathan opened up and said that he might not even be the father of this baby, but said that it did not matter to him. He was going to love this baby no matter what. During the ultrasound it indicated that Pamela was about 7 weeks pregnant which meant that this baby was his. He could not contain his excitement! Pamela left this day saying that she could not abort her baby and Nathan said we are getting married before this baby is born!

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