It was April 29, 2014, when Ginger first walked into Grace Place for a pregnancy test. The test was positive. Ginger, only 14, was scared but not alone. Her mother, Krista was with her that day and said that she too was a teenage mom. She was 15 when she got pregnant and knows what its like to raise a child alone. Krista said that she did not have any support and insisted that Ginger would have her support.

The very next week, May 6, Krista brought Ginger and Terry, the father of the baby, back to start prenatal and parenting classes. They attended classes and earned “baby boutique money” all through May, June, and July. On July 15, 2014, Ginger excitedly told us that she was having a girl! Krista laughed and said she was not so sure as “she saw something else.” Ginger and Terry continued to come weekly through August, September and October actually saving enough money to earn a co-sleeper for their baby.

On November 1, 2014, Ginger and Terry became parents of a beautiful baby girl and Krista a very proud grandmother. Ginger and Terry continue to come in for classes but now brings their baby girl with them!

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