Katrina came in our door crying and asked the receptionist if she could have information on abortion. We immediately took her into a counseling room, offered her a glass of water and sat quietly with her until she could calm down enough to talk. Katrina had just come from the emergency room because she thought she was ill but found out that she was pregnant. Through tears, she said that she already had two children and that she could not have this one. She explained that her boyfriend, Jack, already tells her that she is not a good mom and does not spend enough time with him or their children.

Katrina works two jobs and Jack stays at home with the children, but resides between their home here and his mothers in Phoenix. Katrina admitted that the last time that Jack and her children were in Phoenix she went out with her friends and drank. Because of this Jack does not believe that this baby is his. This is the reason she wants to have an abortion. Jack, however, told her “even if its not my baby, how could you even think like that.” Katrina says that she knows its wrong to have an abortion but does not want to deal with Jack saying that it is not his baby.

Katrina was given an ultrasound before she left this day. She left still in tears but agreed that it was not good to make a decision off of emotions and shared something she once heard: “You don’t have the power to create life and you don’t have the power to take it.”

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