Jessica walked in for a pregnancy test and her 3 year old son was with her.  She appeared to be extremely agitated and angry.  Jessica was taken back for a pregnancy test while one of our loving volunteers sat with the young boy so that Jessica could focus and relax.

The pregnancy test was positive.  Jessica immediately said she wanted to have an       abortion due to her current circumstances with the father of the baby and finances.  When asked about adoption she said “never.”  Because Jessica was so set on having an abortion a nurse was contacted to come in to perform an ultrasound.  During their wait for the nurse to arrive Jessica allowed our staff to share information on adoption so that she could have information on all three options.  During the ultrasound it was determined that she was 5 weeks 3 days pregnant.  Jessica broke down and said “I don’t want to kill my baby,” and started asking a lot of questions about the adoption process.  Jessica was given 3 referrals to adoption agencies, scheduled for adoption counseling, and follow up ultrasound.

Jessica is now expecting her child any day.





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