Natalie came to Grace Place very concerned that the baby she was carrying was “dead inside her.”  Natalie found out that she was pregnant  in April and reported having morning sickness for only a week or so.  She was very concerned today because she has not felt any movement and believed that the baby had not grown.  A pregnancy test was given and it was positive.  Our nurse manager was contacted and was on her way in to perform an   ultrasound.  While they waited, Natalie asked if her boyfriend, Clint could come into the room with her.  As he came into the room he immediately asked “is she pregnant?”  Finding out she was he then asked “is the baby alive and is it too late to have an abortion?” He stated they  already had four children and could not handle another one.   Natalie was asked how she felt about it and she agreed with Clint.  As we  continued to wait for the ultrasound we discussed abortion and  adoption.  Clint said that he could not give his baby away because he would always think about it and at least if he loses a child he will see them again in  Heaven.  We told him that he wouldn’t be losing the child, that he would be taking the child’s life and there is a big difference.  The likelihood of him always thinking about that  decision would way heavier on him.  Once inside the ultrasound room, Natalie smiled as she saw her  baby and heard its heartbeat for the first time.  She was 18 weeks pregnant and said that she was happy that she and the baby were ok.  Clint seemed shocked that the baby was moving around so much and when asked how he felt he said very proud.  Natalie and Clint left and have not returned but said they were keeping the baby. 


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