“We Already Have Four Children and I Can’t Handle Another One”

Natalie came to Grace Place very concerned that the baby she was carrying was “dead inside her.”  Natalie found out that she was pregnant  in April and reported having morning sickness for only a week or so.  She was very concerned today because she has not felt any movement and believed that the baby had

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“I Don’t Want to Kill My Baby”

Jessica walked in for a pregnancy test and her 3 year old son was with her.  She appeared to be extremely agitated and angry.  Jessica was taken back for a pregnancy test while one of our loving volunteers sat with the young boy so that Jessica could focus and relax. The pregnancy test was positive. 

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“I Want Information on Abortion”

Katrina came in our door crying and asked the receptionist if she could have information on abortion. We immediately took her into a counseling room, offered her a glass of water and sat quietly with her until she could calm down enough to talk. Katrina had just come from the emergency room because she thought

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Only 14, Scared but Not Alone

It was April 29, 2014, when Ginger first walked into Grace Place for a pregnancy test. The test was positive. Ginger, only 14, was scared but not alone. Her mother, Krista was with her that day and said that she too was a teenage mom. She was 15 when she got pregnant and knows what

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pregnant couple

“We are Getting Married Before This Baby is Born!”

Nathan insisted that his girlfriend, Pamela make an appointment with Grace Place for an ultrasound after finding out that she was pregnant. Pamela said that her neurologist told her to abort. Pamela explained that she has seizures and because of that her pregnancy was considered high risk. Her grandmother also told her to abort. When

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